Tuesday, January 26, 2010

35 weeks

Once again this past week has sped by!

Wednesday I had my 34 week Dr. Appointment with Dr. Crownover. Everything was great and normal! I got to hear Roman's heart beat and measured a bit big for 34 weeks. (Sounds good to me : ) My weight is finally 2 lb away from what it was before my potassium dropped a few weeks ago- which is GREAT!

Thursday I had my loving choices appointment and found out about a great breast feeding class that they are offering the first week of February.

This weekend we watched football on Sunday and went to JBU's basketball games on Saturday night. It was fun to be back and reconnect with so many people!

Something really interesting that has been happening the last two weeks is how crazy these braxton hicks contractions! It's been building to where it is very common have them once an hour. They're not painful or horrible by any means but they are very much noticeable : ) Hopefully this means he'll definitely come early :)

Tonight will be Tyler and my 3rd week of birthing classes. It has been such a fun experience doing the classes with Tyler. We are constantly looking at each other and laughing throughout the class. While I can't imagine doing some of the things suggested during labor, others seem to be a bit helpful.

This week I'm planning on making the nursery curtain, baby announcements, and to try and get everyone's address together for the announcement.

Next Tuesday is our Sara Lee baby shower (ty's work) and Next Thursday is my baby shower that Cherissa, Tyler's sister, is hosting for me YEAH!!!

Here's a cute outfit that I got for $1.00!! I call it the aunt Shelby outfit because I just know she'd love it :)

Here's the wall art I made that match the nursery set.

35 week picture.

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