Friday, October 21, 2011

18 months

Roman is technically 19 months BUT I wanted to put in some of his 18 month facts before I forget them!

  • Rome weighs about 28 lbs.
  • He's in 24 months-2T clothes
  • His shoes is 7 but if he wears socks he can fit in 8-9.
  • He says, dada, mama, ball, bye bye, tractor (ta-to), dog, football (fooball), no, please (pa leeese), love you (ah you), banana (na na), grandpa (papa), Max and Maggie, (Ma), Razorbacks (Piggie) and he's trying a lot of the words we use.
  • He LOVES outside and could live out there if I'd let him
  • He's in size 4 diapers
  • He drinks milk like its going out of style- like almost a gallon in 2 days.
  • He Jumps with two feet while making baskets
  • He likes to draw
  • He loves suckers
  • He likes to brush his teeth
  • He brings me the hairspray and brush for "cool dude hair"
  • He's into Mickey Mouse, Elmo, Tractors, anything with a ball, and Razorbacks (Piggie)
  • He puts his hands in his pockets.
  • He can unbuckle himself in his carseat (ugh!)
  • He Loves putting on Ty and my shoes and walking around
  • He gives everyone kisses
  • He tells everyone in walmart bye bye when we leave
  • He picks up his toys
  • He's quick to help us on every project- if we are using a tool he'll go get a tool as well and come right over next to us to help. (precious!)
  • He does the "cut the pickle game" and then always thinks that he's gonna get tickled
  • He's fascinated with all kids older then him.

Here's a few pics that Mckenzie from JBU took of Rome...

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