Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kerwin's Birthday

Yesterday was Kerwin's birthday. Cherrissa invited us all over to his house for a birthday chili. It was such a fun night! All Kerwin knew was that some of the family was coming over. What he didn't know was that she had invited a few of his friends and their families to come over as well. (a few being almost 50:)

Russ went over to do a final clean up and Cherrissa and her kidos came over to work on the chili. Rome and I got there a little before Kerwin got there. Tyler and Lucas joined a little bit after that.

It was fun to relax a bit with him until family after family of friends arrived to wish him a happy birthday and to join us for some chili and cake.

It was fun to see Kerwin's joy of having the house full of his friends and almost all of his family.

It lasted three hours but the conversations were rich and full.

A highlight of the evening was watching Roman be such a big kid! He ran and played almost the whole evening with the other kids in the backyard. He'd run to ty or I needing a drink or because his shoe fell off- he'd get his problem fixed and race off to join the other kids. With one little friend, I looked out to see them holding hands! SO cute! It was a JOY to watch!

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