Thursday, January 7, 2010

32 weeks

I'm positive that as my belly grows times goes faster!

Last I updated we were on the brink of escaping our snowed in prison in NE. And after 6 days of not being able to leave we were so excited to finally go to town that Monday! (Dec 28th)

Tyler, Mike, Shelby, and I left to go see Mike and Shelbs new apartment in Kearney but had to wait until dad could dig us out on our country roads. We went Monday afternoon and it was SO cute! They're living in Kearney while Mike finishes up school and Shelb is working for a Physical Therapy place. I just loved it!

Monday night Shelb and I went to a shower that her Maid of Honor, Ashley, and I threw for her. It was fun once again to go somewhere :)

Tuesday brought all the Bokelman family to our house and we began decorating the church. Shelb, mom and I all went and got our nails done and did a bit of grocery/wedding shopping.

Wednesday was the big day for decorating at the church. Thursday was the Rehearsal and Friday was the wedding.

I must say, Shelby was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. Her hair and make up were beautiful. Her dress was perfect. I felt so honored to be a part of it! It's such a weird feeling having your little sister get married. But to see her so happy, I would even say the happiest i've ever seen her, makes all the feelings of losing her go away :)

Being a prego matron of honor wasn't bad either! I didn't get too tired, too faint, or too anything that took away from the day.

Mike and Shelby!

There will be soon be pics to put up of Shel and her day (plus my 31 week pic :)

After the wedding Tyler and I stayed until Sunday. We drove back all day and have had a fun week of snow days (Monday and today!) Ty's been home and I just LOVE it! I'm excited because I got a sewing machine for christmas from my parents. Today, Ty and I are going to venture to hobby lobby and get the necessities to start making some of Roman's nursery items. YEAH!!!!

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