Saturday, December 26, 2009

30 weeks

We have made it 30 weeks!! yeah!! Tomorrow is 31 weeks and will have a new picture but I wanted to get on and show the 30 week belly!

Tyler and I arrived in NE late Tuesday night/Wednesday morning (4 am!) Our plan was to leave on Wednesday afternoon but after looking at the weather reports, we decided that it would be safer to leave earlier. The roads were great, just a bit rainy. We got here and slept in till 8 because Tyler had to work from his computer. Now, 4 days later, we are officially snowed in.

Outside is amazing! Tyler said that this is by far the biggest snow he's ever seen. We think that we got around 4-5 feet of snow. There are drifts around our farm that are easily 15-20 feet tall. Our poor Kauzie is just not liking the cold! (pics to come)

The wind is still whipping outside so as soon as it calms down, Tyler and I will be outside to take some pics and to let Roman experience this craziness.

I think this is the first time we've been snowed in LITERALLY. Even after dad used the tractor/ heavy equipment to move snow today, we can't get to our vehicles. The roads aren't being cleared until the wind stops so it looks like we're here in our house till Hopefully Monday.

We're thankful for all the warmth and food that we have here! Also, we're thankful for our electricity!
family christmas pic

Jaydon on our porch..
one of the smaller drifts : )
30 weeks : )

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