Saturday, November 7, 2009

23 weeks and 23rd birthday :)

Friday was my 23rd Birthday. It was such a special day!

Birthday’s growing up began with a pancake and candles before school and usually ended with a fun meal and little party.

Friday morning began with my wonderful husband making me coffee before he left. It was such a sweet sweet smell to wake up to! I must say it beat pancakes J

Then around 11 Cherissa and her kids max and Maggie stopped by with a gift and a happy birthday wish. HOW sweet!

Vicki came later that afternoon and brought me a card and little gift as well. I feel so loved J

My NE fam sent me a gift which included our son’s first pair of puma shoes from his aunt Shelby.

Tyler took me out to eat Friday night to Shoguns! What an amazing man! His gift was super special (more to come in the next post!)

23 weeks pic
the chef cooking
the onion soup
the YUMMY salad
our menu
The plate before :)
My plate when i was full (oh yeah i brought home 3 more meals!!)
cooking the shrimp, steak and chicken

Ty and I

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