Friday, October 30, 2009

22 weeks

After 12 days in NE, mom and I came back to Arkansas. Today (Friday) was the big ultrasounds. They measured everything- bones, organs, growth, facial figures, etc. What a nerve racking experience! Over the past few weeks i haven't been able to feel the baby move as much as what I considered normal. So I couldn't wait to hear the report! While laying there with the ultrasounds tech, Tyler and my Mom all in the room I was overcome with how good God is. Each part that the tech examined was perfect. How awesome! we got to see so much of the baby! we even found out that the position of my placenta is right where the baby kicks so that's why movement isn't as strong- it also means when i do feel the baby it means that he is STRONG! It was such a treat to have ty video the whole experience and to have my mom here for this.

It is so hard being so far away from my NE family but i know that God has me here with ty for a reason... (it also helps that ty's fam is so loving and supportive! ha!) Going home for 12 days was a treat. I can't express how much needed that time was.

At the appointment we also found out the my blood sugar and my hemoglobin was low- which is why i've been feeling faint the last few weeks. I've got another appointment in two weeks :)

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