Sunday, November 15, 2009

24 weeks

Time is flying! we're already 24 weeks. I know that the days to come are going to go so fast with the holidays! we're so excited for the next few months. Today (Sunday) is 25 weeks. So I'll have to take pics soon!
Tomorrow Ty is leaving for Chicago for work. He'll be gone till Wed. I'm planning on moving in with Kerwin and Vicki for the few days :) I had been dreading the 3 days because of the loneliness it would entail but I'm getting excited to spend the time with Kerwin and Vicki :)
Our little guy is moving like crazy! It's fun to feel him constantly there.
Choosing a name is hard! We have a few favorites but it seems like there are endless possibilities that we haven't even looked at yet! How do we ever decide?!
Next Thursday I'll have my next Dr. appointment. I'm not sure if Ty will be able to come but I know Vicki will and for that I'm SO grateful! She has been able to come with me to the Dr. for past appointments and it's been so great to have her there. It's fun sharing the event with someone so sweet and encouraging! I'll be sure to post the news that we get next Thurs!

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