Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Amelia Lynn

We had so much fun hanging with the Roebuck kids waiting for their new baby sis to be born- Gray and I went over early (5 am) to keep the 3 older kids routines going while Riss, Lucas, and Aunt Mimi went to the hosp.  It was a fun day full of anticipation for us all! 

About 7:30 that night we were hanging in the waiting room waiting to see the new baby!

We were so blessed to be such a part of the crew :)
 Three siblings waiting for their 4th!
 Our family waiting :)
 Lucas came in and showed them a picture of sweet baby on his phone- they were so excited!
 There she is!! Amelia Lynn (Millie)

A few days after she arrived we had a Dees family party at Lucas and Rissas. It was fun to get to see everyone and to welcome Millie to the family :) She is just PRECIOUS!!! 

 The next weekend, We had an added bonus to get together again and this time we had Grandma Abercrombie, Aunt Suzie and Uncle Larry come up and we got to celebrate Uncle Russ' birthday.

Grandma got to meet Grayson too!

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