Saturday, April 6, 2013

Roman's 3!

HE'S 3!!!!!

He had birthday pancakes and got to open presents before daddy went to work (thank you Snow and semi-slick roads!)

He woke up to ballons on his door- what kid doesn't like balloons :)

 Memerable moment : "Mommy, my super man isn't working- I can't fly" ( he was talkinga bout his cape and mask while running around the living room" SO cute!

with our tiny bit of snow we built a snow man.  He has been wanting to build one for a while now (thank you, caillou!)


 As soon as we were finished, he started that potty dance with an urgent cry of "Mommy I have to potty!"

About 3 in the afternoon, Rome asked, mommy when do I get my birthday cake? honestly, I wasn't going to make one because we're going to do a little party this saturday with a few friends. But his face was just so sweet, I told him, I'll make you one right now! this is the finished product!

That evening, We went to Hog Wild Fun Zone in Siloam With Lucas and Rissa's family.  He had a blast playing with this fun cousins! He slept like a rock!

On Saturday, we had a couple of our friends and their kiddos over to celebrate.  It helped that the Duke v. miami game was on (our friends are miami fans!)

the green cookies went fast :)

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