Tuesday, June 29, 2010

4 Months!

how is this boy 4 months old already!!??

I knew it would go fast but i didn't anticipate it flying by so quickly. I saw a newborn at walmart the other day and couldn't help but be blown away by how BIG Roman seemed!

Here's some things about this beautiful baby boy that God blessed me with!
1. He's SMILING at everything and anything!
2. He's laughing and giggling
3. He's in 3-6 month clothes
4. He sleeps good... only waking up for food once or twice

5. He LOVES baby einstein which I LOVE so I can take a nice relaxing shower- complete with shaving my legs!! WOO HOO!!
6. He stayed with daddy for the first time without mommy... Daddy did GREAT but Roman wasn't so sure about it :)
7.He hates when i throw him up and catch him above my head- he gets pretty scared :(
8. He loves singing songs
9. hes started to grab his feet and pull them up to his face. He also grabs his toys with his feet!
10. He still doesnt' like riding in his car seat- but he's getting better- he'll usually cry himself to sleep if we're lucky!
11. He loves other babies and young kids. I think since he never gets to see them he gets captivated by them if we go anywhere. He just lights up when he sees them (like at the revenue office or county clerk- it helps the time go by when he can look at other little ones!)
12. He is selective about rolling over- he'll do it on the bed when he wants something but if we're on the floor he just knows that he doesn't have to move- he likes just relaxing. :)
13. He arches his back and scoots around on the floor or while i'm changing his diaper.
14. He'll give me kisses :) big wet slobbery!

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