Friday, October 29, 2010

TP Game

Last night was JBU's annual toilet paper game. This was the first game in the new gym as well. Since it was on a Thursday, Ty couldn't come because of class :( but Roman and I and my friend Ashton all went. It was so fun!

I was reminded that 5 years ago, at the TP game, is when my family met Tyler for the first time. And now here I was watching it with our son. How crazy!!
Us and Ashton

Roman LOVES his uncle Dave :) Dave watched him for a bit so I could eat my wrap :)

Sorry for the shaking! It was hard to hold him and record- plus he likes to grab it...
Here's the TP part! Roman's face cracked me up. He definitely saw what happened but did not understand what had just happened. :)

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