Friday, March 5, 2010

Roman's Daddy

Let me just start with saying that Tyler is amazing.
I can remember when we started dating.  It was 5 years ago.  I remember how different he was from a lot of the guys that I was used to.  He was a gentleman, kind, considerate, always made me feel good about myself.  I remember flirting with him and thinking about what kind of a guy he would be as a husband; well, my husband.  I always thought that we'd be good together. :)

I even remember, after watching him babysit a few kids, telling him that someday he'd be a great dad.  I remember when we were engaged telling him the same thing.  I remember when we first got pregnant and we were both feeling the insecurities of the journey ahead of us.  I reassured him then too that he'd be a great daddy.  

Now as I see him hold Roman while I take a shower, or when he plays his guitar and sings to Roman, or when there's a little hic-up and he looks at me with worry in his eyes and asks me if he's ok, and even when Roman has a little "toot" and Ty says, "that's my boy" I'm convinced that he's gonna be and IS a great daddy. 

I find myself not just thanking God for Roman but for Tyler too.  It's amazing how the level of love with a person changes as your life changes. I find myself more in love with Tyler because of Roman.  I love seeing Tyler in Roman. 

Today, Tyler went back to work and boy, do we miss him! We can't wait till 6 when daddy comes home!!

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  1. This was so sweet and beautiful. That man loves you so much, and you guys have created such a beautiful family. I love it!

    I remember when Ed and I were just friends, being taken back by something he said, and telling him, "You're gonna make a great daddy someday." (And thinking, but not saying, how great of a catch he was too.)
    I never would've guess in a million years that he was gonna be an awesome daddy for MY baby.