Friday, March 5, 2010


Thursday, Tyler worked from home as well.  I edited some pics and got them ready to be developed for a new wall arrangement in our living room above the couch. 

Thursday afternoon we took Roman to
 Walmart for the first time.  Not everyone can remember that first trip.  Tyler and I were laughing about this because we find ourselves going to Walmart at least every other day.  We took a few pics : )

Roman is one week old.  WOW. This week has completely flown! Today we had his one week check up. Everything is great! he's healthy and doing good- he even gained a little weight from his birth weight!! WOOO HOOOO!!! that makes a first time breast feeding mom happy- I guess we're doing it right!
After the Dr. we took Roman to Grandmama Vicki's for pictures from Rissa.  OH boy, Roman was a handful.  He was very fussy and wouldn't settle down.  We got a few pics but not what I had anticipated. I think I just need to change my expectations. Or at least expect what's normal for a baby :) THANK YOU RISSA for your patience!

Tonight we're just hanging out- watching a movie and enjoying the peace (and wonderful meal that was brought to us!!)

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  1. Hello! Aunt Suzie here - finally figured out how to leave comments on your blog. I've been checking it since you started it. Roman is so beautiful! I look forward to holding him. I met his future wife today. Her name is Kensington Grace Howell. Her mom's name is Megan too. She was born 3/1. I think Roman and Kensington sound like a match made in heaven! It has been fun following your pregnancy. Take care - I'll be popping in from time to check on you guys. Love - Aunt Suzie