Friday, March 5, 2010

Tuesday- Wednesday

On Tuesday morning, Mom and Jaydon said their goodbyes and headed home.  It was so quiet once they had left.  It was just Tyler and I alone with a baby.  Wow.  It was fun.  I had imagined over and over again what it would be like to be a mom, have a husband, and a baby.  It was everything and more then I thought it would be.  

As much as I didn't want mom to leave I knew that Jaydon had homework to do and needed to get home.  Plus in two weeks mom's coming back to stay with me while Tyler is gone for a few days (YEA!!!!!!!) so saying goodbye now was easy. 
 Plus it is so peaceful knowing that mom's a phone call away.  We took a few pics before they left.

Tuesday night Tyler had a church league ball game that Roman and I stayed home from. We were/are so blessed that our church has offered to do a few meals for us. it's been so sweet! Ty's been having capt. crunch a lot lately so he's especially grateful:)

Wednesday: Tyler worked from home so we had another day of getting into the swing of things.  After he finished up around 5- we got up on lost and  ate supper (thanks again church!!)

Wednesday morning I took a few pics of Roman- I just think he's beautiful and a genius because he's a smiler already : )

And his yawn is just so funny... : )

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