Friday, March 5, 2010


Monday we didn't do much. It was now Tyler, Roman, my mom, my brother Jaydon, and me.  We did chinese for lunch, and spent the afternoon just getting more used to having a baby in the house. Mom and I were able to go over to walmart for a bit which was SO nice for me.  Getting out of the house was a definite must for me.   Tyler, Jaydon and Roman stayed home (GO TYLER!!! WOOO HOOO!!!)


Roman also had his first bath.  He did NOT like it.  He does not like being naked! (I think that's good thing: )

Monday afternoon Tyler and I got to take the best nap of my entire life.  Mom watched Roman while we slept.  It was the fastest 3 hours of sleep but it felt SO good.

Monday night Tyler had a city league basketball game and I felt that it was very necessary that 
Roman be in attendance.  He hadn't missed a game yet so why start now.  
If you ask my mom she'd tell you how crazy she thought it was that I was bringing a 3 day old baby out to watch.  It was so fun. He slept the entire time.  Even with all the noise he was in peace. I think bball is definitely in his future :)

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  1. that is so cute! i took parker to james' basketball game when he was 3 days old, too! yall should move to rogers and play basketball out here :)