Monday, March 29, 2010

one month old!

This month has flown by. Our boy is huge! Here's some things about Roman....

1. hold his head up and look around
2. smile :)
3. he startles in his sleep
4. when i change his diaper he talks to me in little coos :)
5. he cries when he's mad
6. he does a relieved cry when we nurse
7. he has terrible tummy aches- I had to choose what I eat with caution so that he won't react to the spicy/flavorful things.
I took a pic during his tummy ache time so you'd believe me because he has a knack for being an angel when we're in public :)
8. likes outside!
9. Can recognize Ty and my faces- he smiles at us :)
10. Reaches for kauzie when he comes near
11. He weighs 9 lb 5 oz and is 21.5 inches long :)
12. He's getting used to pictures- he doesn't jump when the flash goes off anymore :)
13. He sleeps in his swing
14. He wakes up about every 2-3 hours.
15. He's always hungry!
16. He loves baths- when he's crying it immediately calms him down!
17. He has to hold two of my fingers when nursing- one with each of his hands.
18. He makes faces while he sleeps- happy to sad to mad to worried.
19. He only likes to be held with his head on my/ty's shoulder or chest-
20. He likes it when you hit on his back while rocking him.

One month comparison shots!! Month 1 with the teddy bear!

This month he had his....
1. first bath
2. first walmart trip
3. first smile
4. first temper fit
5. first wedding (dustin and hilary!)
6. first hotel stay
7. first swing
8. first march madness- which believe it or not he helped me fill out my bracket- and let's just say he already knows more about bball then me :) oh and we're doing good with our picks!
Right before the games were getting ready to start!!
Sleeping on daddy while mommy got to shower!! WOOO HOO!! I have the best husband!
I'm sure i'll think of a few more things to add about this sweet boy of mine!!

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  1. One month.. Wow. That's mostly frightening, because that means the bigger and older *he* gets, the closer my little girl is.
    Eek. I love reading. It definitely calms my fears about being a first-time mommy.
    And, geez, girl. He is soo adorable. :-)