Thursday, April 1, 2010

finally- a night of sleeping!!

Last night we were so blessed to have this boy be so tired! He slept the best yet- 10:30-3:30 and then 4:30 to 7:30. He then took a nap from 9-12. WOW!! Needless to say I slept during that time too! From 9-12 I was able to shower and actually do my hair and makeup all while HE slept!! WOOO HOOO!! We went on a walk then from 12-1 and then the tummy ache hit :( he cried from 1-3 and fell asleep :) he's sleeping now and letting me post this entry! Maybe he's growing past the night time tummy aches??? or maybe it was just a gift for Thursday!

I didn't quite catch that smile... but it was there!
more pics- he's just thrilled!

ok, i know they're super uncomfy for him, but him in jeans is just the cutest ever!
Sweet baby feet!

This is him in his swing- he loves it after he's already fallen asleep- it was hot in our house so he's in his diapers :) it's a good pic of his rolls he's already getting!! yea!!


  1. OH my goodness....he's changing....definately needing grma hugs ( or grma is needing them!!) and don't get me started on the denim it!!! Boy Crazy here!!! Thanks for the pics!!!! lv mom