Tuesday, April 6, 2010

easter pics

Roman is 5 weeks old!!

For easter we went to Kerwin and Vicki's for lunch. We had a great time! Roman got to take a nap with Vicki which was so sweet to me! I love how Ty's fam loved Roman. It means so much to see them kiss and love on him! After lunch Ty played a game with the guys (Kerwin, Lucas, and Russ) while I played with an ipad and talked to Riss and the kids :) (I just LOVE the ipad! woo hoo for apple products!!)

Sunday afternoon we came home to watch 24 (ty's re watching them with me as i'm just starting the series) Roman slept during most of it! Sunday night we decided to go outside and take some pics. They turned out so fun!

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  1. such cute pictures! love the family ones!!

    (i am writing you an email soon! :))