Friday, March 26, 2010

one month check up!

Today was Roman's one month check up!

He's gained 2lb and 3 oz since his one week appointment! (9lb 5 oz)

he also has grown 2 inches. (21.5 inches)

Dr. Springer said too that with his experience he expects Roman to be about 4 inches taller then Tyler- how he knows this, i'm not sure. But it's fun to think about :)

We had another rough night- he was up since 4 with a tummy ache- the mylicon drops just aren't helping like I thought they would- he's definitely hurting when he cries :(

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  1. Are you eating a lot of dairy products? Sometimes that can really make a baby's tummy hurt if you are nursing. Aidan had a lot of gas too, which is common in newborns, but it is no fun to hear them cry.