Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Catch up!

Since last post, we've been busy!

Our good friends Dustin and Hilary Butler go married this past weekend!! Tyler and I were both in the wedding which was 6 hours away in Doniphan MO.

Tyler and Dustin decided during this past summer that they were going to go on a trip the week before the wedding for their guy time. They've been talking and planning where they would go, what they would do, how much money they'd spend for months and months :)

When we thought about the fact that we would have just had a baby and would be alone while Tyler is gone we thought of a plan to have my mom come down and spend the time with me and Romie :)
The boys left on Wednesday and headed to memphis- mom got here Wed afternoon. We just hung out and enjoyed doing nothing :)

Friday Mom and I headed to MO. Roman did GREAT. He slept mostly the whole way! That night was rehersal- he cried most of this time :( that night too he had a real hard night. He had the worst tummy ache that he's had yet- crying from 9-1 ish. HARD!! the only way he'd sleep was on his tummy against my tummy.

The wedding on Saturday was at 2:00. Mom watched Rome during pics at 11 in the hotel. They came to the wedding at 1:30 and did great! he slept the whole time! We went back to the hotel (mom, me, and Romie) around 4:30. Mom left to get back to NE and Romie and I took a nap :)

The wedding was BEAUTIFUL. Seeing our two best friends get married and getting to stand up their as wedding party was fun and so sweet!

Mom ran into some poor weather and had to say near Springfield until the weather cleared (she got home Sunday afternoon)

We left with Kerwin and Vicki on Sunday morning and got back to Siloam Sunday afternoon as well.

Also, this last Friday, Romie turned 3 week! WOW time is flying!!


  1. Love:
    That you call him Romie. That is just beyond adorable.
    Your dress and how beautiful you look in those pics!
    Such a beautiful family!

    I can't remember his name, David...something or other. How cool! I haven't seen him since we graduated. Hah..

  2. Also! I thought about y'all last Friday. I know you're a busy new mommy, but I just wanted you to know that.