Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Disciple Now Weekend

This past weekend, our church had it's annual Disciple Now. D Now is basically a week long church summer camp crammed into a short weekend. Ty and I have been helping plan this for about 3 months and have been so excited to be a part of it!

We had a huge crew of about 80 kids. It started Friday night and ended after church on Sunday. It was an interesting balance for us. We hosted a home of high school boys. Because of Rome, I couldn't do a house of girls. I would have loved it and it ended up that I really missed not being able to have a group of girls. It's tricky being involved in ministry when you have a little one. But it's just for a season :)

Our group of guys that we had at our house were such good guys. Roman LOVED them and constantly ran to where they were just to smile and show off a bit. I loved his eager and bold spirit!

We finished the weekend by joining Kerwin and Lois, Rissa's fam, and Russ for a nice lunch at Market place. Then home to sleep :)

Our group of guys
cosmic Bowling the first night

My good friend Ariane helped me do the registration table- BIG help!!

Ty helped lead music and was in charge of doing the games for the weekend.

Rome and his friend Ryan played together for most of the weeknd.

Rome loved the music- he was always dancing around.

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