Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Snow Day

I'm convinced God knew how tired we were for the weekend and blessed us with a SNOW DAY Monday. I'm even more convinced because it was all gone and warm the next day. When Siloam calls of school- that usually means that that roads are bad enough that Ty sometimes gets to stay home too. We had a great day of just being home- he got a lot of work done and I got a lot of my to do list done as well.

Roman loved the snow. We let him out in it right away Monday morning. He kept saying, "uh oh" as if something had spilled everywhere. It was cute.

Tomorrow (thursday) we go up to Omaha for state wrestling. Ike's SR year of wrestling. Let the butterflies and hives begin :) I'd appreciate the added prayer!!

Rome brought his sleeping buddies under the table where Ty and I were working so that he could hang with us- it was adorable how many trips to and from his room he was taking to bring it all :)
His other go to place to hang was in his wagon- with his milk, cereal, and his ipad he's good to go :)

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