Thursday, February 9, 2012

Crazy February

Just when I thought, "I really need to start blogging more." I get busy!

Since the last post, we've found out Isaac GOT his scholarship! WOO HOO!! (now to convince him to come to JBU!)

I started watching the sweetest little baby, Avery. She comes 2 1/2 days a week and she is perfect. She only cries when she's hungry! It's so good for Roman to learn that mommy still loves him but that my attention sometimes needs to be on Avery. He's handling it well and he LOVES to be my helper. It's good practice for both of us for the possible future!

Last Sunday we had a Super Bowl party for the Youth at the church. It was fun to have a few hours to just hang with the kidos. We have the best youth group! I LOVE the kids!

We have Disciple Now at our church this weekend. Both Tyler and I have been really busy with this. He's doing a lot of prep for the actual event and i'm helping with the behind the scenes stuff.

Ty's playing basketball and finishing up 2 grad classes (3 more weeks 3 more weeks!!)

I'm still Coaching Gym and maintaining my working out schedule! Every day! It's so relaxing going each night when Ty gets home. I'm reaching my goals that I set as well so it makes it that much more rewarding!

We got a new kitchen table. This is actually our FIRST kitchen table. It was fun to sit down and have a family meal- we usually just eat at our own convenience or when we're hungry.

Roman's birthday is coming up! I've been planning the party and have so much more to do! it'll be low key but really fun! i can't believe he'll be 2!!!

A week from today we'll be on our way to OMAHA for Ike's Sr year State competition for wrestling! So excited to get to watch him but ALSO to have a weekend with great friends and family. There is no experience like state wrestling. Not just for the competition but for the 3 days of just being with so many amazing people. It is something that I look forward to every year!

ADVICE: If anyone has some advice about hotel stays with a 2 year old let me know- our last experience was horrible and I'm scared to death how this will go. He doesn't do well in the pack and play- PLEASE help me!

Oh and did you watch the duke game last night? I've never seen my husband (world's biggest duke fan) so excited! it was an amazing finish!

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  1. Oh goodness! Hotel stays are a dread for me as well. Layli (19 months) HATES the pack and play too! I don't know what to do! Next weekend, we're going to be headed to Dallas to stay with my grandmother for the long weekend of Mardi Gras. So, I guess we'll see! Trial by fire, I guess.

    Becca Dee