Thursday, February 2, 2012

Scholarship weekend

This weekend we had a super fast 24-hour visit from Mom, Dad, Ike, and Jay. Ike got accepted to JBU and had to come down to interview for some potential scholarships.

Boy, was it an experience! I never have had to do anything so intimidating as Isaac had to do. He had 3 separate interviews, either group or individual, that determine a certain number of scholarships. This was the biggest group of kids that JBU has ever had competing for these few scholarships. Isaac did great! He definitely didn't fit in with most of the kids there! :) I continuously teased him that he not only had the brains to be here but also the bronze :)
It was fun to have them here for a short time (especially during the hectic busy wrestling season!!)

They also brought Roman down his birthday present. Rome has LOVED the wagon! he sits and plays in it. He BEGS to go outside for a ride. It's super fun!

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