Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sunday with family

We went to church and it was fun to have Sloane and Shelby with Rome and I in the nursery. Rome "held" Sloane for a bit and we got some cute pics.

We came home to eat lunch and then Shelb and I went to Cherissa's baby shower. All the baby gifts and fellowship was so fun! it makes me SOOO excited to get to meet this new nephew in just a few weeks!!

We had to get back before the shower was over for the guys to go with Kerwin to look at the new school.

Shelby had a GREAT idea to do some Chalk pics with the kidos. they turned out great- she's SO creative!

Sunday night we went to Cherry Berry for dinner- we're awesome, right? and then the guys went to Russ's for some fun time with the guys.

Mike, Shel, Sloane, and Jayd left Monday morning for home and our house has been so quiet! it's hard to get back to just Rome and I being here :)

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