Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More family

This last weekend, Mike, Shelby, and baby Sloane came down to pick Jayd up and to hang with us for the weekend.

I can't tell you what a joy it was to see Sloane again. She's now 6 weeks old and It was a treat to get to hold her and see some of her first smiles :) She's SUCH a good baby! she travels like a champ!
isn't she the most gorgeous thing you've ever seen :)
She sleeps so good! Roman just loved her. He's started giving kisses (which is him just sucking on your cheek) he kept trying to kiss sloane- but since she's so small i had him just give her toes kisses. Each time I was holding her, he came up to me and tried to move her blanket so that he could find her toes to "kiss" it was sweet. And he's got the high 5 and pound it down- he kept doing it to her too- they're gonna be such good friends :)

We painted Sloane's toes nails- SO fun! her first pedi :)

We all went to Fayetteville and went shopping/fast lanes/ and good ol' CICI's pizza!

the guys were SO nice to let me and Shel shop without the babies for a bit- it felt like back when she was at JBU and we went shopping. So fun!

We dove in mom and dad's van-Mike and Ty were in the front- the babies in the middle and us three in the back- Isaac couldn't come because of wrestling and other things- BOY did we miss him!!!

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