Monday, August 1, 2011


A couple weeks ago, we went to Branson for an over night trip. We wanted to shop and eat some good food. It was a fun trip. Rome did great sleeping in the car. Sleeping that night at the hotel was not so good. We sure made a memory- Rome woke up at 1 am and i tried to get him back to sleep for 3 hours. At 4, I reached my limit and woke up Ty to help. He decided to take Rome around driving while I stayed and slept. (AMAZING HUSBAND!!) I woke up at 7 to them getting back... Ty took Rome driving. He fell asleep about the time they got to the Landing. Ty decided to park and sleep in the car. About an hour and a half later, Ty woke up to a dead battery! After many attempts to get some help, he finally googled mall security. They got him fixed up and he was on his way back to me about 6:30. Rome woke up at 7 and they came in from the car. WHAT an adventure!

Tractor ride :)
You know he's tired if he sleeps like this!
look at that resemblance.
Ty's known to his nieces and nephews at " unlce T-bone"
We read about tractors during our lunch :)
We left late afternoon to come home. Such a fun trip!

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  1. You do Know that you have Several of your classmates who live in Branson, right? I live at Turtle Creek, less than 7 minutes away from Landing where I work. Brady/Carmen, and Becca live here too. I'm sure if you need a battery charge in the future let us know! Glad everything worked out!