Tuesday, November 2, 2010

our date

Tyler and I went on a date on Saturday night... JUST the two of us!

Cherissa, Ty's sis, was brave enough to watch Roman for the night so that we could go to Fayetteville.

We dropped Roman off at about 6:30 and he was excited to see his aunt and cousin's. Tyler teased me because Roman didn't really cry when we left but as soon as we were in the car, I burst into tears. it's gonna be a long life ahead if i'm already crying to leave him with his amazing aunt for a few hours! ha!

My crying didn't last long (thanks to Tyler's teasing) and we got to our dinner destination about 45 min later. We went to Logans (we had a great halloween coupon!) and ate a yummy dinner.

During our dinner we got a great text from Rissa with this pic that showed Rome having a GREAT time playing!
She even said she just got him to sleep - IN the pack a play (a task i still have yet to master! wooo hooo!! GO Aunt Rissa!!)

Tyler took me to Target after to shop without having to hold Roman- it was a new experience! HA!
We finished the night with going to Dickson street and stopping at Bordino's for desert. We walked in only to find them full and not having any openings for the rest of the night- we decided that we'd walk around for awhile and just people watch...

We got back to Rissa's around 10:30 to find Roman super tired but super glad to see us (melts this momma's heart!)

We had a WONDERFUL night!


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