Thursday, September 23, 2010

Staying at the Swanson's

On Thursday and Friday, Roman and I went to my sister Shelby's place in Kearney. Mom took us over and watched Rome while Shelb took my the Y where she works out ALLLLLL the time. She had told me a while back that they had zoomba (a latin dance workout) and I told her that we SO had to try it!! she reluctantly said she'd go with me :) Shelb, is like a super athletic and very fit girl, she usually does an hour long cycling class during the same time zoomba is, so she gave up her hard workout for the easy one for me :) It was a blast- we laughed the entire time! It wasn't exactly our cup of tea :)

Then on Friday we got to go visit her work and meet her co workers. So fun! Mike left for a wrestling retreat with his new team at UNK.

We wrapped up the day by going shopping and hitting up a consignment sale. We headed over to central city for the homecoming game after that (more in ike's upcoming entry!)

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