Friday, September 24, 2010

Isaac's football game and homecoming

On Friday night of my Nebraska adventure, Shelb, Roman, and I rolled in to Central City for the game a little before 7. We were both super tired from the long day, but excited too for seeing all the alumni back for the game. As soon as we were out of the car the talking began! there was SO many people there that I hadn't seen in years! It was also my 5 year high school reunion. I was asked to plan a little something and to try and get a hold of my whole class. It was fun! we had NINE people there! I was amazed that so many came! it was fun to see everyone! It seems like yesterday that I was a student there, it was weird to walk the field with my BABY! ha! I showed him off like crazy- even told him where i stood when i was a cheerleader (he didn't seem to care much! ha!)
me with my good friend Meagan and our babies :)
Rome playing with another little baby at the game :)

It was added fun that my little brother Isaac was playing- he did GREAT! it was fun to look out on the field and see this confident guy out there :) he even let us take pics with him after the game! ha!

Not too happy bout this pic :S he's a good sport to put up with his sis!


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