Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Seeing the new combine with Papa Terry

On Thursday of our trip home to NE, we got to spend some time with dad. He hauled corn in the morning and about noon came in for lunch. We were able to have a good talk about life, farming, and things that were new this year. After Roman's nap we got to get a great tour of Grandpa Terry's new combine- for all you city people a combine is what is used to pick the corn and to take it off the cob during harvest. It was fun to see it and to take a quick ride in it!! It was Roman's first time in a combine!!
playing with the touch screen- like mommy's phone :)

1. Roman's teething- he'll chew on anything even the combine- haha
2. Rome's gotta good grandpa, he'll let Rome chew on his new combine :) that's love!

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