Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Roman's Birth (part 2)

Alright, i'm officially a mom- I just got peed on during a bath (haha).  Time to continue the story...

One hour after we started the petocin, the nurse came in and said that we were going to have to shut off the petocin.  Apparently Roman didn't like it- his heart rate would go down with every contraction. The nurse checked me and we were disappointed to find out that there had been no change in dialation.  Roman was however moving down. 
Forty-five minutes later, the nurse came in and we restarted the petocin at 4 mg. We waited for a few hours and watched the Olympics. Again just about an hour later we shut it off because of Roman's heart rate.   At 7:30 during American Idol, Dr. Crownover came in checked my dialation. I was up to a 3 (yeah!). He came back around 8 and decided that we needed to break my water. After my water broke, he put in the internal measuring things- one for Roman's heart rate and one for my contractions.
At 9:30, my family rolled in from NE. GREAT timing! At this time Vicki, Cherissa, Tyler, and my family were all in the room.  I started to think that the numbing was going off of the epideral.  I could feel this amazing pain in my back.  I told the nurse and they brought in a new dosage that was supposed to numb me back up.  
After 2 hours, around 11:30, Tyler and my good friends Dustin and Hilary showed up to visit. It was around this time that we were told that it looked like I would deliver the next day around noon.  We had told the family and they all left to go home. But Roman had other ideas.  Just 15 short minutes later, the pain shot to a level I hadn't felt before.  I mouthed to Tyler that it was starting to really hurt on my left side. I told him to go get the nurse- he didn't even really make it to the door before I started to cry.  I asked our friends to leave because I wasn't sure what was going and I couldn't really talk through the pain. The nurse came right in and checked me- I was at a 7.  
My mom, a nurse, was there and reminded me that the transition phase of labor (8-10 cm) goes fast.  I was encouraged by this because this pain was ugly.  Ty came back in and the nurse did as well.  Five minutes after 12, the nurse checked me and I was at a 10- it was time to push. 
I don't remember much about what happened next.  A lot of changing the bed into the delivery bed. My contractions sped up and were increasing to heavy levels of pain- all on the left side and the worst of it being in my back.  We started pushing at 12:05 and at 12:50 Roman was crowning.  Dr. Crownover informed me that he had told our family in the hall at 12:45 (Kerwin and Vicki, my dad and brothers, Cherissa, Dusin and Hilary) that he expected that baby to be here by 1.  He told me I had 10 minutes to prove him right but we only needed 5 :)

The feeling of seeing your baby for the first time is indescribable.
  It happens instantaneously as a mom that when you see your baby emerge from your body that every feeling of pain disappears. 
 You completely forget about that pain you just had been feeling and every sense you body has focuses in on this new baby. I can't explain the joy that I felt when I held Roman.  I don't even remember much about the next few minutes.
 I just remember him being on tummy.  so sweet and beautiful.

The nurse took him after about 
5 min to get cleaned up- Tyler went over with them and talked to Roman.  It was so neat to see how he recognized his daddy's voice.

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  1. Meagan,

    Such a wonderful story! I even had some tears in my eyes. I know exactly how incredible it feels to bring such a perfect little being into the world after so much pain. It is amazing! Congratulations to you and your sweet family! Enjoy this time because it passes by so quickly.