Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Roman's birth (part 3)

As soon as Roman was cleaned up, We were able to hold and just look at him.  His eyes were barely open- it was just too bright for him :) Looking at him and taking in all his features was so much fun. We found that he has a little birth mark on his lower left leg.  He had a little bit of bruising on his head from delivery.   After about 10 minutes more of cleaning up the room and getting everything settled, Tyler went out to talk to the family in the hall.  We decided to call it a night and that everyone could just see him in the morning.  But they we thought about how all these people had waited- and regardless of how tired and worn out we looked it didn't matter compared to showing off this little guy!  

The family all came in to our room about 20 minutes after birth and surrounded the bed to oooh and awww.... Everyone was taking pics and beaming with smiles.  Roman definitely felt the love of this new family.  
Then the most fitting and AWEsome thing happened.  Before everyone left to go home and ago to bed, we decided to take the time to praise God for how amazing HE is for this making this event happen.  God's finger prints were all over this birth.  From the timing of conception to all the answers of prayer he gave us along the way.  There was a lot to thank him for- not just Roman's health, a healthy delivery, a healthy pregnancy.  But also for allowing Ty's mom to be able to see this, for a majority of the family to be here,  for letting Tyler and I be able to be Roman's parents. 

Again it was one of the moments of crazy realization to know that we were here at the beginning  minutes of this little ones life.  We, as parents have so much to learn and we wanted to start it off right- by thanking God for this great opportunity to be a part of Roman's life.

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  1. I've got goosebumps and am tearing up as I read this. What a precious miracle! God's perfect timing and plan for this little guys life. Being a mommy is so great! I hope he is giving you time to sleep! :)