Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Roman's birth (part 1)

Alright, the little guys sleeping... time to update you all since last entry!

Tyler and I woke up early on Thursday morning.  I did not sleep hardly at all that Wednesday night.  Being able to plan the arrival of the bouncing baby in your tummy is so exciting. 
 There was no way sleep was coming with all the anxiety and excitement I was feeling.  
I tried to relax that morning- took a bath, repacked the hosp bag for the 10th time, and took the final week pics of my belly.  Tyler also decided that he's going to make a video of Roman's arrival so we were able to video some funny scenes that will eventually become part of his little movie.
We packed up the car at 11:45 am and after saying goodbye to kauzie we began our 4 minute drive to the hospital.

We got to the hospital and began to take the traditional pics of me with my belly and the hospital sign.  It was a nicer day temperature wise and we were both getting so excited! Roman was kicking and kicking- I'm sure he sensed the anticipation that we were feeling :)

After being admitted and filling out the many many papers of paper work Tyler and I went to our room and began to wait even more.  Since I was having an epideral and petocin to induce I 
had to have an IV.  The nurse, Patti, was amazing (as were all the nurses we had!) She totally sensed my anxiety and my fear and explained everything that was happening to us. She hooked me up to the monitors and we discovered that I was already having contractions (that's what that pain was... haha) that were 3 min apart and 1 minute long. She said that even if I wasn't induced that day she thought that I would definitely have come in naturally later that evening!

Tyler and I had to wait until about 3 pm for the anesthesiologist to come in for the epideral. This was not a fun process.  But for Tyler, it was even worse.  I had to sit up and turn so that my back was available for Rich (our anesthesiologist) to be able to put the catheter and everything else in to make the epideral work.  Tyler stood in front of me and held my hands while this process was going on.  It pinched and hurt.  What was worse was the idea of what was happening.  I kept my eyes closed and hugged a pillow to keep from moving.  Tyler, decided that he wanted to watch.  What I didn't realize was the effect it was having on Tyler.  After a couple minutes of working on getting it in, I heard the nurse ask Tyler if he was ok. I opened my eyes to see a VERY white Tyler being helped by the nurse to the chair in the corner.  She handed him a wet rag and explained to him that he was about to pass out.  At that moment I couldn't help but laugh (to my self and very silently) about how funny it was that THIS was the part that Tyler got squeamish about. :)

We finished the epideral and were waiting for the blood work to get back before we proceeded with the petocin.  My contractions were staying steady. The nurse checked me and I was still dilated to 2 cm and was 80% effaced.  She also said that she could definitely feel Roman's head!   We just had to wait for that blood work.  When it finally came in, she came in and started me on high dose petocin.  It was given at a dosage 6 mg (I think that's the right label). 

We went back to waiting. By this time it was about 4pm.  Tyler and I hadn't eaten anything all day and figured we would after we got admited and all.  I went on to find out that I couldn't eat anything because of all the meds and the delivery process so it was just ice for me.  Tyler went and got food for him and Vicki came by with Sonic ice for me and a drink for him.  We just waited and visited...

Alright... time for a break! The next post will be soon! 

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