Sunday, December 13, 2009

28/29 weeks

This last week has been quite an adventure in the world of pregnancy.

I've mentioned before that i've had a few fainting "episodes" and that this last thursday I had a Dr appointment that was supposed to help us get the reasons why.

I went Thurs morning with Vicki to the DR. The whole time of which I was entirely too close to fainting. Even walking from the car to the door made the world spin. I had my blood tested, an EKG done, my iron and weight checked.

We found out later that afternoon what the results were. My hemoglobin was down (even though I'm taking extra supplements) my weight is down more (I had lost weight last appointment too) and my potassium was at a "severe low" as Dr. Crownover put it. I got his call telling me the news while I was in Bentonville. He wanted me to come into the hospital immediately for a 10 hour IV that would bring my potassium back up to a normal range. After we talked about some other, less expensive, options we decided that I would start a potassium supplement, take it EASY, and come back this next Tuesday for a re check of my blood to see if that potassium is better. If not, then to the hospital I go... SO we're praying!

I'm nervous but the baby inside that won't quite moving and kicking gives the the reassurance I need :)

On Friday I went and got my hair re-highlighted. I haven't don't this since the beginning of MAY! it was too long! And I just have to tell you that Marie Newberry is the best! We had to stop twice for me to lay down because I was feeling faint. She was so sweet!

Now for the announcement of his name!!!

After a LONG time discussing we've decided (unless God changes our minds :) To go with
Roman Alexander Dees
for our baby's name.

Roman-29 weeks
Roman- 28 weeks

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  1. i will be praying for you! and I LOVE LOVE the name!!!