Saturday, December 5, 2009

27 weeks

Last Sunday we were officially 27 weeks.

We were home in NE for thanksgiving- we had a busy holiday :) we did wedding plans for my sis shelb's wedding which is now 28 days away!! It was a fun and busy time!
That Sunday we had a bit of a scary moment. We were at my family's church and we had just finished singing. We were sitting in the last row (thankfully) when I started to feel a bit faint. I told Ty and mom that I wasn't feeling well and wanted to go lay in the bathroom. (I've been feeling the faint feel quite a bit lately and only find relief when I lay on my left side completely flat) I told them that I needed a quick second because I wasn't sure if I could make it to the bathroom without fainting. Sure enough, next thing I knew I was laying on the chairs in church. I had fainted. Thankfully it was quiet and we have some amazing people in the church that are all about keeping it real. (it definitely downplayed the embarrassment factor!) I felt SO much better after I fainted. Ty helped me out to our car where I could lay flat and rest.

Next Thursday is my next appointment with DR. Crownover. I called him and filled him in on the details of what had happened. Since this was the second time I've fainted, while sitting down. He seemed concerned and has scheduled a few more tests to try and figure out why i'm fainting. We're not worried but just concerned because we don't want a fainting episode happening in a bad situation (driving, when i'm alone, etc.) I'm thinking it's because our little baby is SO big and is expanding in the little space called my mid section. Since I have such a tiny torso all the extra fluid and baby stuff inside is pushing everything aside (including my arteries that help to get good blood flow).

Tomorrow, Sunday, is 28 weeks for us. The start of the 3rd trimester. We've also decided on a name for our little guy(as long as we don't change out mind! ha!) :) We'll share it next post!!

Last night was Tyler's Sara Lee Christmas party. It was an amazing event! It was at James at the Mill and was full of fancy food, drink, and music. It was a chore trying to find a cocktail dress that would fit over my huge belly. I felt like a kid at the party- Ty and I were at least 10++ years younger then everyone at the party. It was definitely a new experience for both Tyler and I!

Our Christmas party picture :)
my growing belly :) 27 weeks.

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