Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A day of FORCED rest....

At 8:00 am I arrived at Dr. Crownover's office for my visit feeling very tired and hungry! I had to be fasting for a blood test. Since I didn't pass the first glucose test I had to do the second one today. For the second test they check my blood at the beginning and the once every hour after that. I passed every one! yea!!

I was able to also see Dr Crownover this morning. I had to wait till 10:30 to see him but it was worth it. After we discussed everything happening we decided that since my energy was minimal and that my heart was still racing to the point of making me feel faint that I needed to go to the hospital for an IV. He also said that because I have lost weight he wanted to do an ultrasound.. (YEAH!!!!!!!!) I almost cried when he said that. I just LOVE seeing him!

The ultrasound showed an active, sweet, and simply gorgeous baby Roman. He flipped it over to the 4D setting and I just had tear up and see that he was so perfect.

Seeing him made coming to the hospital so much easier. The reason that we didn't do the IV last thursday was because I knew the being in the hospital costed so much. But seeing him reminded me that it's not about money. God has provided for us beyond what we can fathom and I know that he'll provide for this unexpected add expense as well.

So i'm sitting at the hospital, room #133 waiting for my potassium to come back to determine how long i'll be here- hopefully I'll be able to go home tonight!

It's nice to be able to catch up on some photo editing and some other things that I can do for Shelb's wedding.

Oh, and something fun Dr. Crownover said was that Roman's size (near 4 lbs!) pushes his due date up to Feb 21-- most likely because this is my first baby it'll still be around March 1. but YEA!

Roman Alexander... isn't he HANDSOME!!
yea, the hospital!! : )


  1. Oh, just LOOK AT HIM!! Absolutely precious.

    Glad you're getting some good rest today and that you don't have to be there all evening after all!

    Good job, Momma. You're taking good care of sweet little Roman.

  2. Rest for the weary is a good thing, take it easy. Even while resting you're growing a miracle!! on my knees for you and Roman!! Mom