Friday, September 4, 2009

14 weeks!

Yeah for 14 weeks!

I found some maternity Jeans of Craig's list for just 10 bucks that look just like regular jeans. I'm excited because they fit perfectly right now! (the rest of the maternity jeans are still just a bit big.)

Yesterday, Tyler and I began our mission to get diapers at inexpensive rates. We're playing with the idea of clothe diapers- we've heard great things about a place in Fayetteville that picks up your clothe diapers and launders them. The cost 5 years ago was just 10$ a month for people that lived in Fayetteville with a 2x per week pick up. We're still investigating it, but, boy would that save money!

We also were able to find a place that gives away diapers if you do certain things to prove that you're taking the time to become an educated parent- we got 6 little 10 packs of huggies just for doing some of prep stuff.

And of course we hit up the target deal for the week :) we got 3 jumbo packs for pretty cheap!


  1. What is it with the Dees and their ability to save crazy amounts of money!! I need lessons from you guys! :)

  2. I bought a "BE Band" from Target (it's the cheaper brand of the Bella Band) and it helped me wear my regular jeans longer before having to wear my maternity jeans. Also I'm still wearing it now after Lincoln was born until I lose all my baby weight :)

    Great job on finding deals on diapers, they are so expensive! I also found that if you look around online at different baby sites and formula sites you can request free samples of formula if you can't or decide not to breastfeed. We're breastfeeding but just in case I've got a good stock of formula for free :)

  3. Why are you shopping for diapers now? Your not due until march. You have no need for them, yet!

  4. Good for you, starting your diaper stockpile early! That's the way to save!

    I haven't seen you all week and I miss you! Sorry I've been out of touch... but I'm looking forward to seeing you and T this weekend with all the family coming into town!

  5. hey meg!
    i didn't know you guys had a blog! congrats on the baby!!! so exciting. if you ever have any questions about motherhood, please let me know! we will be praying for yall.