Monday, September 14, 2009

15 weeks!

I'm a week late on this post :) oops!(15 week belly :)

We're officially 15 weeks! YEAH!

This past weekend (Thursday-Sunday) I was able to babysit for Scott and Kristen Shaw's kids while they went on a little get away with friends. It was the craziest and funnest weekend i've had in a long time! I got to play mom to a gorgeous 7 year old girl, Kate, and a very grown up 5 year old little boy, Cooper. It was adventurous throughout the whole thing! I got to learn what going to preschool was and having the little boy tell me that I could leave. I got to be a homeschool mom with the 2nd grade girl (SO FUN!)

On Friday the kids and I made snacks for Tyler's bday on Saturday. WHAT FUN! We went to the Siloam football game with a mom and her three kids who were friends with the Shaw's. Little Cooper fell asleep during the 3rd quarter while Kate stood at the fence engrossed with the cheerleaders:)

Saturday we slept in till 7 and then turned the TV on in their parents bed and watched Saturday morning cartoons.

Sunday was church and the lunch and then an afternoon of resting for tired kids (and MEAGAN!)

Scott and Kristen made it home around 9:30 to very eager kids!

It was such a great experience and honestly an affirmation from the Lord that even though there are the hard a frustrating times that I had during the 4 day weekend, I still believe that He is calling me to be a mom. I am SO happy!

This is Cooper- ever so cute :)

This is the beautiful Kate :)

(These pics were taken a few months before this weekend when they came to Tyler and my apartment for a sleepover :)

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