Friday, August 28, 2009

2nd Dr. Visit

Yesterday (Thursday) Tyler and I had our 2nd pre baby appointment with Dr. Crownover in Siloam Springs. Like our first appointment, Vicki (ty's mom) was able to come with us. We were the last appointment for the day. This was such a blessing!! We were able to have the extra time that we were wanting with the Dr.

We were able to do another ultrasound and see how our little babe was growing. I was excited to see if it were possible to see the baby's gender. But out little babe is too modest! It's legs were closed for no one to see :) HA!

After all the routine checks, Tyler, Vicki, and I got to go in for the ultrasound!! We decided there was another perk to being the last appointment. Our Dr. got to "play" with the ultrasound. I think it was because the three of us were full of audible "oooo's" and "ahhh's" of the little babe moving inside me. (brand new to see for Tyler and I) We were getting excited to see the babe's arms and hand and leg, and then Crownover said, "oh wait till you see this view..." He then switched the ultrasound to 3-d. We were able to see out babe in the clearest way yet!

We were just amazed at how much our babe has changed in the
last month. (see pic in former entry :)

How amazing is God. Looking at this little babe that is just 1 oz. 3-4 inches long- the size of my fist all I can say is WOW.

The ultrasounds pics

The 3d picture (legs on bottom/head on top)

It's legs are crossed on the right side of the picture- you can see its legs and knees too!

Our babe waving at the camera. :)

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  1. Don't you just LOVE ultrasound pictures? Somewhere I have a picture of my son sucking his thumb in my belly. It was the neatest thing ever because on the actual ultrasound you could see the muscles in his cheek moving and his mouth. Congrats on the new baby, I know you are really excited!!