Tuesday, May 5, 2009

and so we wait....

So Tyler and I are still waiting patiently to hear about job news. Living with no income is tricky- especially when student loan payments start soon!

I kind of wonder if God is letting us live in limbo for awhile. I know that he is just waiting for me to be patient and content with the unknown before he shows us a job! My dad always says the coolest thing to try and calm my ever worrying spirit- Psalms 119:105 talks about the word of God being a light unto my path- now, aside from being a verse that was memorized in awanas for extra awana shares this verse is loaded with encouragement for ty and my present situation. the verse talks about lighting our path- not about lighting our entire journey at the present moment. The lord guides us with just enough to get us to the next step. It causes us to always trust and rely on him. This resonates so true. Having grown up in the country- being far from lights- it's easy to think about not being able to see at all. But having that flashlight gives you enough light to watch where you step.

We know that God will provide! AMEN!!!


  1. what happened to the job tyler had with disney? we know it can be hard...praying for yall!

  2. question..i don't know yalls situation exactly, but if you are searching for something for the time being with 'decent' pay, substituting is wonderful! i know the summer starts soon, but marc has been doing it for the time being as well and it helps alot! good luck!