Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My First Brisket :)

So after careful consideration I knew it was time.

I researched.
I talked to the experts.
I bought all the supplies.

I decided it was time to cook my first piece of meat that cost over 15.00.

Ty and I went to walmart on Sunday to get our usual groceries.  I decided that I wanted to cook a brisket in the way that melts in your mouth.   Being a loyal follower of food networks Guy Ferrari I knew that brisket was completely something that I could do.   We talked to the butcher; got the right kind of meat; followed the butcher to the spices where he showed me what to buy; purchased all the ingredients; and brought it all home.  

Early this morning (Wed) I woke up and did the necessary steps. Trimmed the fat, completed the rub, and sealed it up for the start of the 8 hour low and slow cooking.

It went in at 200 degrees and came out 8 hours later.


10lbs of meat for 15 bucks gives us 15 meals.  that's 1 dollar a meal!!!
WOO HOOOO> we're so doing this again!!

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