Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Last night something dreadful happened.

It was inevitable.

We knew it would happen eventually.

It still stinks.

We have had our little dog Kauzie (short for Kosmo Kramer) since November. He is a quiet, adorable, sweet, almost perfect dog . He hardly ever barks, poops outside, sleeps next to ty and I. Quite frankly he is our child.

The apartments that we are living in doesnn't allow pets (oops) and because the apartment was switching management we figured we'd be ok having our little dog live with us. The apartment was built in the 60's and still has that great dirt brown shag carpet. Kauzie can do not harm to this apartment. It's pretty rough. But the price is good for us.

But the bad news came last night when we found out that our manager was told about the dog. So after a talk with him we think we have to move. He didn't say move out now but he said we can't live hear and have a dog. Dang it!

Kauzie is our little therapy. He makes us laugh and gives me something to take care of.

And so today we're apartment shopping. We need that job to come soon! Pray for us would you?

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  1. Awwww....that's tragic. I remember when I moved into West Twin Springs with my hubby and kids so I could attend JBU. I had to find a home for our cat and our dog. Our cat we had since she was a baby. I literally rescued her from certain death at the Wilderness Safari and our dog, a Lab, was a gift from my husband. I know how you feel. I hope you can find an affordable place soon so you can keep your little baby. In the mean time, I will pray with you about the job. Take care. :)