Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 2015

January highlights.
1. new year in FLORIDA for Dees Christmas
2. Kerwin got married to Nancy Dees
4.Roman started PRESCHOOL! panther preschool
5. Roman and Grayson started gymnastics.  Roman in NINJA class and gray in mommy and me
6.High Rise with Swanson's so fun
7. January started MARATHON training for Shelb, Mike, and I
8. Family trip to Puerto Rico! Tyler had to work the most of it- the boys and I got SO much sun.

Gray in his christmas present from Aunt Rissa.

 first day of preschool!

We went to PR again.  This trip was so much easier.  We had to pay for a seat for Gray and so we brought his car seat.  It was wonderful to have him have his own chair. Tyler had to work a lot and so we did the pool just us three.  We would do breakfast (i brought oatmeal from home) and we'd be at the beach by 9.  then at about 11 we'd go to the pool near our room.  Then back to our room around 1/2 where the boys would eat easy mac and quickly fall asleep.  It was wonderful to have so much time to just relax!!

 I had to run while we were there for training. This is during my 10 mile run that i turned into 13 because it was so beautiful and nice.  I ended up running with a great big group of runners.  It was 5 am PR time which was 3 am our time.  It felt so good.  Couldn't get over how beautiful it was!!

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