Wednesday, January 7, 2015

thanksgiving/christmas 2014

We were able to go to NE for thanksgiving AND christmas this year! it was fun to be there back to back and to see family both times.

Cooking with Uncle Jon :)
Roman and tyler got in on a wrestling practice!

We got to go on a four wheeler ride with papa

Christmas was a lot of the same- hanging and playing.

In January Shelby, Mike, and I are starting to train for a marathon! it was time to get a run in and Tyler joined me! ( he ended up losing 6lb during the thanksgiving weekend! wrestling and running)

Roman crawled up by ty and they both fell asleep

We surprised mom with a photo shoot of the kids.  Fun to have her be so thrilled with our surprise.

For the dees christmas we went to florida. It was a stressful trip there (15 hours) it was FREEZING on the beach but I still had to get my runs in.  It was chilly and windy.

Kerwin and the grands

I had to do a 6 mile run- this is how tyler and roman were when i left....
this is how they were when i returned.  So funny.

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