Tuesday, December 9, 2014


The end of July our little family went on our first airplane trip together!! We went up to portland to see Tyler's cousin get married.  It was an adventure going up.  Sitting still for that long was hard for Gray- especially because we saved the money and made him a lap child.  Looking back- he did great.  There was just no sitting back and enjoying the ride. Roman loved it.  He was all about the dr pepper that came each flight. :) 

Grayson is lactose intolerant- there was so much anxiety about if the TSA would let us through with his  1/2 gallon of milk- That first trip through security I was so nervous they were going to make me throw it away.  However, they were fabulous about it.  They tested it's vapors and were fine with me taking it.   Immediate relief! 

They were so excited to travel! The entire trip we'd hear a scream of joy and "airplane" when we'd see them.  Often we'd hear people around us laugh because of the excitement these two boys showed for airplanes- the airport was full of them :)

 Getting this guy to sleep was rough-  he missed his nap so he was beyond tired- Tyler was amazing.  He walked up and down the aisle with him until he finally crashed!

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