Tuesday, December 9, 2014


One Saturday morning I went and got groceries while Tyler stayed home with the kiddos.  I returned to see him and the boys in the back yard measuring out the grass with yarn and sticks.  I calmly put away the groceries wondering what dream Tyler was chasing.   He soon filled me in that he wanted to build a porch.  "Ok" i calmly said. "What does that mean?"

Over the years of living in our house i've heard him tell of many "ideas" he had.  Knocking out walls, putting walls up, adding a hot tub, etc etc.  A lot of dreaming. This idea actually sounded attainable with out limited experience of construction.

He showed me a video he had found online and the whole idea sounded amazing.  We had been wanting to do something for our yard and to create a better spot for us to enjoy our yard.  I don't think that either of us knew that this "easy" project would be as much work as it was!

First step was digging.  We didn't have a bobcat to help.  It was all shovel.  Tyler said that we had to dig deep because we needed to do layer of rock and a layer of sand.

We hired a great kid from our church to help us.  He was awesome.  I tried helping out there with Ty and i just wasn't a good fit for us to work together.  I think one of my shovel fills was 1/4 of one of Tylers.  I think i did more harm then good!

Mike and Shelby's family stayed with us for a few weeks while waiting to close on their house.  Mike was awesome to help Tyler with this project.  We owe them help on a porch!

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