Monday, February 10, 2014

Random 2013

Just some pics of the events in later 2013
thanksgiving and grays bday were on the same day.  We were able to celebrate with the Roebucks!

we did the dentist tag team between ty and I. I had to have some extended work done and Ty was super daddy/uncle watching the kids AND going to the dmv.

JBU toilet paper game- Our friends the Baties came- but didn't get a pic. NEXT year :)

Dentist with the kids- crazy getting everyone where they need to go…. but i'm learning :)
Roman sang to me on my birthday- it was so sweet...
Found gray hanging in romans bed.  Sure cute!
We went bowling for my bday at fast lanes- Rome LOVES bowling, like his momma :)

mailing a package to uncle ike :)

I looked and look all over the house one day and could not find gray.  I was on the verge of panic when he popped his arm out with a big smile- he KNEW he was teasing me.
we went to our churches fundraiser for a spaghetti dinner, both boys on my lap. :)
meeting miss Shelby Butler :)

woke up one morning to find that Ty had brought Gray to bed- too sweet seeing them sleeping.
we started a newChristmas tradition of Elf on a Shelf.  Dasher cam with a gift and "snow" it was fun seeing Rome excited :)

Gray got on my chair with his milk by himself. 
First SNOW!!

Enjoying the snow day
one of the many forts built by Sloane and Rome
destroying what was left of our snow man
Finger painting

Date night :)

We ran another 5k for Lucas- the turkey trot in siloam

Busy 2013! What a great year!

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