Monday, January 13, 2014


Back in August, Tyler saw that Duke would be playing in Chicago- we jokingly thought about pursuing this idea, but i though there would be no way that we could make it happen.  Then, when we didn't quit talking about it, we started to see if it could actually happen.  

All the "ifs" aligned (gray was sleep trained, he was weaned, we were able to align the help to watch the kids, work was where tyler could leave, etc) and we were able to make it a go!  The game was in November and we decided to make it a trip to celebrate many things! Ty's finish with school, birthdays, anniversary.

We went withough having the tickets in hand for the duke game.  They were a hot commodity- the 4 teams playing were the top 4 of the NCAA. The tickets we were finding were about $500 average!! We were not ready to pay that.  We spent a good deal of time watching craigslist to try and find a good deal.  Our flights were delayed and we were going to miss the first game (Not dukes)  We finally found someone selling tickets and we went to meet up with them.  They were selling the tickets 2 for $150. 

We went and met this guy at his apartment- Have to admit, we thought it was a little sketchy but we were pumped to be getting a good deal!

We bought the tickets and went straight to the game.  We went right up to the entrance and the attendant scanned out tickets and immediately her hand went up.  Tyler looked and me and said, maybe they're fake.  I couldn't believe it.  Sure enough, security came over and told us the bad news.  We didn't know what to do.  They took out statement and we gave them all the info we had on the guy that had sold them to us.
Disappointed, we went back outside and decided to try craigslist one more time.   Someone had just posted a new entry- it said that they were done with the first game and wanted to sell their ticket to someone for the second game (duke). He had a strategy to utilize the relaxed rule for the smoking section.  We met him and his buddy over in the smokers section and we were able to use his ticket to scan back in and go to the game.  We were so relieved to be there (and to use the bathroom! we had been running since our airplane landed!)

We bought the new tickets for $100.  So we still saved money, even with the fake tickets.  They were for the upper deck- BUT we had an idea to go and wait for the people that were leaving in the bottom section ($1000 tickets) and see if they would let us have their ticket stubs so that we could just go sit in their seats.  We found some KY fans leaving and they gave us their tickets- we were pumped to have the good seats!

Unfortunately, Duke lost, but we had an amazing time and it was a fun and memorable experience!

We stayed at a hotel in Joliet Illinois (near Chicago) that Tyler had a connection with.  We were able to stay for free :) it was a very nice hotel.  It was late when we got to the room but we were able to just relax.  The next morning, Tyler left to go to a few walmarts and do some work related things. 

 That afternoon, We went into Chicago to explore the city and to go to the musical Wicked. 

It was very cold when we were in the city! We walked around town and saw the bean. It was fun to see and be a party of all the hub bub.

  We ate dinner at the Walnut room above the gorgeous and big Macy's department store.  It was beautiful and already decorated for Christmas. The food was amazing, I've never been to a restaurant that nailed my favorite food :)

After dinner, we took out time and walked to the oriental theater where out play was getting ready to start.  It was wonderful to see the musical again.  

The next morning, we had an early flight (5am!) we were very tired after the late night before.  
We got home in time to run to the hospital and see our good friends who were in labor getting ready to meet their baby girl!

It was the best to get home and see our boys.  I can't express enough how grateful we were to all the people that helped with them during our trip.  It was such a peace of mind knowing that they were in such great and capable hands!!

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